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About Us...


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My Spice
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We established to bring you herb, spice, and culinary wizardry from around the world.

Our passion is to bring together the tools, knowledge, ideas, expertise, and resources to give you the freedom to enjoy more of what life has to offer.

We thank you for visiting. Without you, we are not.

(See the Warnings section below)

The Mission:

Sailing vessel

The Sound of the Sea
My soul is full of longing
For the secret of the sea
And the heart of the great ocean
Sends a thrilling pulse through me.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

~picture at

Like the early explorers and spice merchants of the world, searches the globe for the rare and the desirable. Our quest carries us into the mysterious realm of fine foods, exceptional wines, and exotic fragrance. On the way we discover mystifying traditions, inexplicable remedies, and unexplained ancient secrets.

Herbs, Spices, and more…
Join this voyage as we collect these riches and explore the forbidden throughout the hidden regions around the world. Together, we will learn how these tiny yet powerful jewels weave a tapestry through our lives, our culture, and influence civilizations throughout time.

Our expedition will find harbor when we rest and sojourn with culinary masters who teach us to unlock the riddles of these timeless treasures and guide us to use our new found powers as a force for good.

What we do:

history map

To our enchantment, we present the information on this site for your entertainment and enjoyment. We hope to excite the interested, and spread the wealth of knowledge to the curious by presenting both original and third party content.

Our passage begins as we unlock exciting New and Old World flavors. Then, as we delight in these timeless riches from across the continents; stories of intrigue, history, alchemy, and magic, tickle our imagination.

Now, we offer the fruits of this expedition to you. As we diligently search for the very best ingredients, on-line tools, recipes, restaurant reviews, stories, and more from around the globe, we and update these pages with our journal. Please check back with us often for updates, new features and site enhancements.

Our aspiration is to unearth and collect these treasures, to heighten your senses, and bring you pleasure each and every day.

We do not provide spiritual, homeopathy, professional, or medical advice, always consult trustworthy sources.

Why we do:

We like to eat… we love to cook… and we want to share with all who are of like mind.
50 plus years combined professional service, experience, and commitment to culinary excellence.
I have many times asked and said, "how can we be so poor and eat so well?", "I wish everyone had it so good!"
Now, with, anyone can.

herb seasonings

"I've been creating and collecting recipes for years. Now… it all comes out …"
"… decades in the kitchen? I loved it… but now I can really enjoy cooking…"
"…we sat down to dinner and my daughter said: 'Dad! This is amazing…'"
- a few quotes from our founders.

Have you ever noticed?
Love comes with food - In times of emergency, loss, or grief, we comfort those stricken. We give food, because it heals, soothes, sustains, nourishes, strengthens, and reassures. It truly helps, not only does it reveal we care but it changes the circumstance.

Peace comes with food - even the warrior will stop, for food. People everywhere mark every occasion with special meals. - To honor and reward achievement, we hold dinners and banquets. We celebrate customs, holidays, ceremonies, traditions, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and more… all around the meal. Why? Everyone knows food is good times! Relax and enjoy is the order of the day. You'll hear laughter, and "please pass the bread?", and then someone will inevitably say "we need to do this again…"

Be it friend and family gatherings, breakfast around the kitchen table, or a simple evening dinner; nothing warms the soul and raises the spirit more than a simple meal affectionately created, served, and shared with the ones we love.

Let the fun begin!

About You:

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CAUTION: Exposure to encourages warm fireside dinners, exotic cuisine that will test the imagination, fun snacks, hardy parties, romantic interludes, sporting events, BBQ's, tender moments, pool parties, camping, friendship, beach trips, and impromptu entertainment.

SIDE EFFECTS: (include mild to pronounced): contentment, glee, riotous laughter, relaxation, renewed vigor, long term success, increased energy, deep satisfaction, fond memories, stimulated imagination, elevated health, expanded knowledge, and acute curiosity.

EXTREME REACTIONS: some cases have reported serious long-lasting warm fuzzies but had not been confirmed as of this writing.

But everyday we eat…, and to ice the cake, true joy can be found any and every day with a shared meal.

Barry Bowers

To you our visitors, we give our thanks and gratitude.
Congratulations, you are the chosen few;

solar system illustrated
~ The Galactic Fool

A few crushed leaves in the pot and, presto!!! A true work of art created.
Sprinkle a little this on that, and the crowds exclaim 'its genius'.
Yes, on this day: a hero is born. can help make all this come true.

But seriously folk, not only seasons our foods, but our lives as well. They often bring great pleasure. From aromas to memories, we use them to welcome friends, and heal the weary. They carry us from the mundane to the exotic and from plain to festive.


Special Thanks and links...


From Barry

To Kathy, my best friend, wife, confidant, editor, and critic. You have put up a lot and asked little. Your support and patience and encouragement give life, hope, and sanity. This project would never survive without you. I love you.

Thanks to Tony, your commitment, ideas, and suggestions have given rise to MySpiceBlends.

We have a special appreciation and offer our humble gratitude to Susan Stevensen, M.Ed., LDN and Licensed Dietitian for her articles and expertise in nutrition. As a professional she always strives to attain the highest goals. With her help, we endeavor to bring you: healthy, nutritious, great tasting meals, food and snacks and to keep everything we do here at My Spice healthy for you.

Thanks to those that endured our endless cycle of trial and error. Cupcakes to code…as it were.

Your forever in my heart and prayers,

From Chef Tony,

I would like first to thank Chef Robert Werth, my instructor, for instilling in me the wonders of Culinary Arts. He taught me how to go with the flow, so to speak, or the art of using what you had on hand to create Culinary Masterpieces. He is a master at creating art, for visual stimulation, olfactory stimulation, as well as taste bud stimulation.

I would also like to thank Chef Paul Towe. He is a third generation baker and Master Baker himself. Paul told me about Lake Tahoe, and gave me the name of a chef friend; within one week my best friend and I were headed to Lake Tahoe. This really gave me great insight into the industry.

Next I would like to thank my Mother for being a great cook and teaching me the basics of cooking. This was truly my start into the field of Culinary Arts. She taught me well.

Last but not least I want to thank family and friends for coming to the dinner parties and eating great dishes together. They also sat through the flops but had the insight to let me know not to fix those dishes again. My family and friends were very understanding during those early years while I was studying my craft.

To our visitors I say Thank You for if you are not interested in what we do here we would not be here.

Thank you all,
    Chef Tony

Thanks to the World Wide Web and special thanks to all our contributors, especially to those we may have failed to mention before and now, without you the world would be a dismal place. Across the Web, you add texture, quality, and beauty to the world you touch. We offer our deep gratitude to you; you have made this endeavor possible.

Thank you links - in no particular order:
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Lastly, and most of all,
I give thanks to the One: - to whom we offer our love and devotion.
His name is Most High Eternal Creator Holy Sovereign Righteous LORD Redeemer True God Merciful Gracious Compassionate Savior of All. He is being without beginning and without end, from and in which, all life flows, without whom, none do exist, God of Hope, God of Love and God of Peace.

You loved us, when we didn't love you….

Thank you, for visiting.



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