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In this section we present an exhaustive Herb Spice reference for your enjoyment and information. We are continually adding new entries and updating this lexicon to give you complete and up to date information, and as always; we invite your comments, suggestions, and recommendations about the content found here.

Using the Herb Spice Glossary

To locate information within the encyclopedia, select from the letter index across the top of each page to open a directory of herbs and spices that begin with that letter. The herb spice catalog is presented in a bulleted list of links on the left side of the page by the common name and in alphabetical order. Simply click the desired subject to display the article.

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You will discover some herbs and spices have multiple common names and some entries may be duplicated in the encyclopedia to include this attribute. At My Spice Blends, we have made, and continue to make, every effort to present a catalog of current, accurate and useful information. If you would like to contribute to this project, please contact us! Just click this link: submissions(at)myspiceblends(dot)com.

What you'll find in the Herb Spice Catalog

Each article in the encyclopedia is as unique as the herb or spice it describes. The catalog commentary will not only explore culinary use but, will investigate traditional and medicinal usage also. Much of the clarification is enriched with illustrations, images, and photographs depicting both the beauty of the vegetation as well as to help in identifying the herb species.

Discover how the many herbs and spices in use today are steeped in legend and abound with historical significance. Additionally, some discussion of common growing techniques, gardening resources, and native habitat may also be incorporated.

Last but not least, we have integrated into the glossary additional links to recipes using distinctive herbs and spices, links to hard to find ingredients, outside sources for more research, and resources to locate fine quality products, organics, bulk suppliers, and distinguishing gifts.

My spice blends is dedicated to bringing to you, the finest the world has to offer, so please enjoy.

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