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Analgesic Herbs

Natural Pain Reliever Herbs

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Analgesic Herbs

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Analgesic Herbs

Analgesics are sometimes referred to as natural painkillers or as a natural pain reliever and analgesic pain reliever herbs are used to relieve pain without loss of consciousness. These pain relief herbs are available in the market in analgesic topical forms like essential oil and analgesic cream- that can be directly applied at the pain sites- as well as in form of capsules, tea and tinctures for pain relief.

There are many analgesic herbs that are typically known as joint herbs for their analgesic properties of giving relief from joint pains like those felt in arthritis, neck and back pain, or tendonitis. In fact, these therapeutic herbs are anti- inflammatory herbs and treat the pain conditions that result from inflammation of joints.

Being a natural pain relief herb, any type of analgesic herb has the advantage of not producing any side effects as is the case with other chemically produced pain relief medicine. Herbal analgesics are generally safe, cost effective, non addictive and gentle yet; effective if used correctly.
Some of the commonly used analgesic herbs used for pain relief include

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