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Antiseptic Herbs

Natural Antiseptic Herbs

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Antiseptic Herbs

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Antiseptic Herbs

Antiseptic herbs are an agent that kills or inhibits the growth of microorganisms on the external surfaces of the body and are generally distinguished from herbal antibiotics that destroy microorganisms internally.

An antiseptic when applied to wounds and infections, ensure that they are clean and do not get any worse and have been used throughout history. An antiseptic is merely a substance that can be put directly on a cut or infection to ensure that it is properly clean and is going to remain clean as possible until the next application.

Antiseptics help to prevent and counteract infection and the formation of pus by inhibiting the growth of the infectious organisms.

Generally, quiet a few antiseptics are true germicides, proficient of tearing down microbes, where as others are simply bacteriostatic which generally stops or slows down their growth. Antibacterials are basically antiseptics which only take action against bacteria. The widespread introduction of antiseptics in western medicine began after the publishing of the paper Antiseptic Principle of the Practice of Surgery in 1867 by Joseph Lister, inspired by the findings of Louis Pasteur.

Numerous herbs and oils are natural antibacterial and antiseptic agents and may be used as teas, skin washes, made into salves. Antiseptic herbs are herbs that contain essential oils are antibacterial and antiseptic. For example, Thyme is an Antiseptic herb that has been known about and used since ancient times and the Thymol contained in the herb makes it an excellent antiseptic and antimicrobial. Many people are seeking to lessen the effects of chemically-based antiseptics, on their bodies and there are many herbs and essential oils that have antiseptic properties.
Some Antiseptic Herbs used are

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