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Emmenagogue Herbs

Natural Emmenagogue herbs

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Emmenagogue Herbs

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Emmenagogue Herbs

Emmenagogues, are herbs with properties that promote menstrual flow. They stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and uterus to stimulate menstruation. Women have used herbal emmenagogues to stimulate menstrual flow when the cycle is delayed or absent for reasons other than pregnancy, such as hormonal disorders or conditions like oligomenorrhea (infrequent or light menses).

The action of herbal emmenagogues can be mild through strong depending on the herb.

Most abortifacient herbs are often classified as emmenagogues and the two categories of herbs are difficult to separate because they do in fact overlap.

The difference is; not all emmenagogues will cause miscarriage. An emmenagogue is an herb which encourages menstrual bleeding but many emmenagogues are not strong enough to cause a pregnancy to end while abortifacient herbs do this as well when dealing with pregnancy. Abortifacient plants such as mugwort, parsley and ginger have often been used to prevent or terminate early pregnancy.

Certain essential oils have the ability to assist in promoting menses and regulating the monthly discharge and although these oils can be helpful, some of them should be avoided during pregnancy.

Menstrual cycles can be late for many reasons other than pregnancy like stress, poor diet, anxiety and travel - If you suffer from irregular periods, then mild emmenagogue herbs are a useful remedy to stimulate menstruation. You will need to experiment to find the correct dosage for you.

Thujone is a volatile oil found in several plants known to be a uterine stimulant. Anyone with a tendency toward epileptic seizures should not use herbs containing thujone.

Some herbs that help with this situation are :

Medium Emmenagogue Herbs

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