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Febrifuge Herbs

Natural Febrifuge herbs
fever relief

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Febrifuge Herbs

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Febrifuge Herbs

Febrifuge herbs help reduce fevers, similar to refrigerant and antipyretic. Plants with naturally occurring antipyretic properties are commonly referred to as febrifuges, however, they will not affect the normal body temperature if one does not have fever.

Febrifuge herbs are used to reduce fever as it cools the body by physically removing heat rather than modifying the body's responses.

There is some debate over the appropriate use of such Febrifuge medications, as fever is part of the body's immune response to infection. A fever can be caused by many different conditions ranging from benign to potentially serious. Fevers may be useful to some extent since they allow the body to reach high temperatures, causing an unbearable environment for some pathogens. White blood cells also rapidly proliferate due to the suitable environment and can also help fight off the harmful pathogens and microbes that invaded the body.

Fever is not necessarily required to be treated and most people recover without specific medical attention although people are advised to keep adequately hydrated, as the most significant risk of complications is dehydration. Febrifuge (antipyretic) herbs and medications can be effective at lowering the temperature, which may improve the affected person's comfort. Some limited evidence supports sponging or bathing feverish children with tepid water. The use of a fan or air conditioning may reduce the temperature and increase comfort.

Herbs with Febrifuge (antipyretic) properties include

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