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Galactagogue Herbs

Natural Galactagogue herbs
to stimulate lactation

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Galactagogue Herbs

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Galactagogue Herbs

Herbs with galactagogue properties stimulate lactation in women. Herbal galactogogues are divided into those believed to also have a sedating action on the nursing infant due to their volatile constituents, which can be carried through the breast milk itself, and those seen as promoting milk production without directly affecting the content. This often seems to be linked to anethol content.

The average mother does not need galactagogues to increase or maintain supply of milk while others with a genuinely low milk supply use galactagogues in combination with increased nursing/pumping to increase supply. If you're concerned about your milk supply, it will be very helpful to get in touch with a health professional or locate a board certified lactation consultant. Galactagogue and lactation herbs are useful to increase breast milk production and help to promote the supply of milk and help the baby to get proper nutrition.

Herbs with Galactagogue (to stimulate lactation) include

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