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Oxytocic Herbs

Natural Oxytocic herbs

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Oxytocic Herbs

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Oxytocic Herbs

These are herbs which help stimulate uterine contractions to assist and induce a safe labor and delivery and to reduce postpartum hemorrhage. Oxytocic herbs act by stimulating uterine contractions. These can be of special help in toning the uterus after childbirth and in cases where the mother may be prone to post-partum hemorrhage.

Oxytocic herbs imitate oxytocin in the body to stimulate uterine contractions and release prostaglandin hormones. All oxytocic herbs are toxic to some degree. Women can experience very painful contractions. They are generally hard on the liver. Women with a history of liver disease such as hepatitis may wish to avoid them all together. As with any drug, Oxytocic herbs should be used with caution. Ask your midwife for advice or a referral to an herbalist before taking herbs of this nature.

Herbs with oxytocic properties are

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