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Purgative Herbs

Natural Purgative herbs

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Purgative Herbs

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Purgative Herbs

A cathartic or purgative herb is used for purging and stimulating the action of evacuating the bowels. This action may be mild or strong depending on the need. Purgatives and cathartics are similar to aperients and laxatives, which are a mild purgative used to relieve constipation. A cathartic is a substance that accelerates defecation, in contrast to a laxative, which is a substance which eases defecation, usually by softening feces.

Purgative herbs either stimulate or lubricate the large intestines to promote bowel movement. They are mainly indicated in constipation. Through the function of purgation, impacted feces and fluid remaining in the intestines are discharged, pathogenic heat or cold dispelled and edema relieved.

Herbs that purge cause diarrhea. They are bitter and cold in property, and function to reduce fire and promote bowel movement.

Herbs that lubricate are mostly seeds of plants which contain oil that lubricates the intestines and moves the stool.

Herbs that transform water cause the discharge of water, together with feces, from the body. Some of these herbs promote urination and are indicated in cases with edema in the limbs, ascites, fullness in the chest and asthma due to phlegm-dampness.

Herbs considered to be purgative include

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