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The World of Herb and Spice

My Spice Blends
Herb and Spice Learning Center

My spice blends has brought together the following resources to encourage our visitors to learn the pleasures and benefits of including the charms of herb and spice to enrich your life.

We have integrated additional links to: hard to find ingredients, outside sources for research, and resources to locate fine quality products, organics, bulk suppliers, and distinguishing gifts.

My Spice Blends is dedicated to bringing you, the finest the world has to offer, so please enjoy.

Please read our WARNINGS section.

Free Encyclopedia of Herbs and Spice

Many of the herbs spices used today abound have a rich history and are steeped in legend. Throughout the ages spice blends and herbs have given rise to vast cultures, provided enjoyment, and improved our health.

This Free Encyclopedia of Herbs and Spice is an exhaustive Herb Spice reference that not only explores culinary use but, will expose traditional and medicinal uses. My Spice Blends is continually adding new entries and updating this handy and easy to use guide to give you complete and up to date information. Find recipes, hard to find ingredients, high quality organics and much more.

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Herbal Properties Glossary

Learn about the naturally occurring, and life changing essentials locked within everday herbs that offer aid in healing and boost the immune system. This catalog uncovers the mysteries of their use, and teaches the health benefits of taking advantage of these indispensable life altering components.

Catalog of Herbs by Common Ailments

If your interested in learning more about the use of herbals, you can search this handy cross-reference by specific ailments and locate lists of herbs that are use to treat or relieve particular disorders.

Herbal Processing Terms and Definitions

Eliminate the confusion when researching herbal products with this easy to use catalog of herbal proccess definitions.

When you understand how herbals are extracted and processed you'll know what to look for and how to choose the products that are right for you.

We invite you to join with us

At My Spice Blends, we have made and continue to make every effort to present current, accurate and useful information. If you would like to contribute to this project, please contact us: submissions(at)myspiceblends(dot)com.

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