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Chef Tony talks about starting a fire...
When love begins in the kitchen

Love begins in the Kitchen

By Chef Tony,
Chef and Contributor

Come on now guys, when was the last time that you did something nice for your wife or girlfriend?

What are you planning to do for her?

Maybe it’s time for your Anniversary or her Birthday and this event is coming up in the near future. One could always take her out to eat at her favorite restaurant, boring... or you could try a new place to eat, or not.
You want this night to be a night to remember.
You want to show her that you really do respect her and love her with all your being.

What if you fixed dinner yourself and had a nice candlelit dinner at home. Even if you only know how to fix one or two things in the kitchen, it is the thought that counts. Now I am not saying that if all you know how to do is fix beans and franks, don’t go for it. There are enough sources out there that you can employ to fix her a great dinner. Whether you find a recipe and cook it yourself or get the food from a nice restaurant and just reheat it.

Let me start by painting a picture here. First you should at least get off work early so your plan works. You know when your special lady gets home from a long hard day of work. Five to ten minutes before she gets home draw a nice hot bath for her. Place a few drops of scented bath oil into the water. Light her favorite incense inside the bathroom and then float flower petals on top of the water. Take more of the flower petals and leave a trail of them from the outside door to the bathroom door. Have a note on the bathroom door asking her to please enjoy the bath you have drawn for her. Let her get into the bath and bring her favorite iced drink in for her to enjoy. While she is relaxing in the bath, it will be time for you to start the dinner cooking.

You need to think dinner out guys, which means real plates and silverware.  Use the nice cloth napkins. When she is out of the bath and ready for dinner, go ahead now and light the candles. This will be a night to remember for the both of you and it will be an occasion that she will never forget.

What a great night for Amoré!