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Shrimp King Prawn Salad

Fish and Seafood are by far some of the finest sources of nutrition available today. There is good reason that fish is gaining in popularity: it's low in fat and calories, easy to prepare and it fits perfectly into the fast-paced lifestyle of today's world.

Recent studies show that fish & seafood rich in omega-3 oils, are beneficial in the prevention of heart disease, help to control and reduce the effects of arthritis, encourages the of balance good and bad cholesterol, and enhances the bodies natural ability to strengthen the amino system. Fish oil supplements are often recommended for a healthy lifestyle diet.

With improved methods of storage and transportation, even those of us who don't live near the water enjoy a wider selection of high quality fresh fish and shellfish than ever before.

Visit back with us often to find new and exciting recipe ideas for all your favorite seafood... Fish, Shrimp, Lobster, Trout, whatever pleases you, you'll find all the best at My Spice Blends.


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