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Ground Beef Roast Steak

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Beef - It could be our favorite Comfort Food!

Free Beef and Steak recipes

Did you know beef is the third most popular meat in the world, (accounting for about 25% of meat production worldwide)?

Be it, steak, roasts, ground, kabobs, in soups, in sauces, on the grill, broiled, fried, sauteed, bar-b-que, curried... it is sure to be one of our favorite foods and with good reason.

Beef is an excellent source of proteins, minerals like; zinc, selenium, phosphorus, iron, a good source of B vitamins and the most significant dietary source of carnitine. Additionally, like any other meat (pork, fish, veal, lamb etc.), beef is a high-quality source of creatine.

America’s cattle ranchers have a vested interest in sustainable environmental practices and collectively a commitment to both Sustainability and Green Farming Practices making the beef industry one of the most environmentally friendly and aware sectors today.!

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Ground Beef Roast Steak

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